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Samtekshome operates in the field of home textile and clothing.


Providing a wide range of products including duvet cover sets, bed covers, table cloths, peshtemal, bathrobe, towel, throw and scarf.


Samtekshome specializes in production using natural fibers like cotton, linen, silk, wool, bamboo, hemp, modal and tencel.


We bring value by supporting diversity.

We enjoy excellent business relationship with all our buyers cause of timely shipment, best services and fine quality of our products.

We give our buyers dedicated support by manufacturing the perfect product. We follow new trends, create our own design and serve our customers with quality.

Denizli is the capital of textile in Turkey.  Living in Denizli decades long, there is no way of missing the colorful and fascinating life of textile. It is like to walk through a street full of chocolate bakeries, every time you walk there it smells after delicious different cacao aroma …

And one day you can’t stop yourself baking your own chocolate


That is how our company was established. We began with the first step of textile which is the “yarn”. 

Good quality textile can only be achieved with good quality yarn. This was our starting point. 

We built our own yarn factory. We began to work with animal fiber and plant fiber. 

We produce cashmere, angora, merino wool, silk, cotton, bamboo, and hemp.

 We produce our yarn in our factory and grew rapidly in response to the increasing demand

by adopting the latest technology. We produce all kind of home textile like towels, duvet cover sets, bed covers, table cloths, peshtemal, bathrobe, towel, throw and scarf…

With our dynamic and creative co-workers, we stay abreast of innovations in textile industry. 


With years of experience, our products are certificated by Gots, OEKO-Tex and Made in Green.

Besides having our factory and our sales office in Denizli, we have our Show Room and Sales Office

in Istanbul to welcome our clients from all over the world.



Our priorities as a company

Employee satisfaction is our number one priority because we believe this is

the path to create the highest customer satisfaction.

Meeting our customers’ needs with high quality materials, strict to the deadlines is only

possible with dedicated employees who are united under the same goal.  


The values that we stand behind                            

We have come a long way with our female participation in the workforce, but we believe it is

still not enough. We are still working on to increase female participation in the blue color workforce

 as well as;

-        Collaboration

-        Eco-friendly working 

-        Continues innovation


We keep tracking the new trends and new technology.

We installed new machinery in our factory in need of adapting our customer preferences.

Some of our products are classics, we add our magic touch, keeping the traditional design and originality.                        

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