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The World of Peshtemals
Decorative Cushion
Bed Linen

Have you ever met with this magic towel before?


It is super soft, light and trendy with 100% absorbency, and dries very quickly... Easy to carry and convenient wherever you go... For beach, for spa, for your bathroom for your kitchen...

Samteks Home produces peshtemal in many variation.

Peshtemal can be used as shopping bag, as tablecloth and even as bed linen.  For  creative products you can get in touch with Samteks Home.

Samteks Home provides you every kind of towel. Bathrobes, hand towels, kitchen towels, bath towels...

Cotton towels are extremely popular for various reasons. Cotton is one of the easiest materials to wash, it’s breathable, it gets   you dry quickly. Cotton gets  softer overtime. Also, they are very durable. Cotton is also a very forgiving fabric, and stains are washed out without problems.

Our range of throws come in a wide variety of style and fabric including cotton, fur, faux, wool, leather, linen and polyester blends.

Samteks Home is very proud of its own designs. Each season, new designs are developed to satisfy the customer needs and tastes.

 Samteks Home  uses linen fabrics woven in the most modern factories of Turkey. The fabrics are certified by the widely recognized Oeko Tex certificate.


Samteks Home  is also unique in its sewing technique, which guarantees the highest quality and durability of the products.

Sleeping well is important for you and your health and to guarantee a good and deep sleep night, Samteks Home provide you with a unique and high-quality selection of bed sheets designed especially for you.

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